Choosing cabinet hardware for kindergarten is somewhat different from choosing hardware for other types of cabinets. Kindergarten cabinet hardware is difficult to choose. Many factors should be considered while selecting knobs and handles for kindergarten cabinet hardware.

Kindergarten spaces are usually very  decorated spaces that require knobs and handles to also be part of the whole aesthetic. Also, cabinet hardware needs to be safe to use for children.

Below is a list of 10 best handles and knobs suitable for kindergarten cabinet hardware

1. Zinc Alloy Concealed handles

Zinc alloy concealed handles

The concealed handles are the most recent addition to cabinet handles or drawer pulls that are put within the drawer or cabinet rather than on the surface of it. They are useful in kindergarten cabinet hardware because they won’t draw attention to children, hence more a more safer alternative.

  2. Zinc alloy cabinet knobs

Zinc alloy cabinet knobs

Knobs are probably the safest cabinet hardware types that kindergartens should be using. The reason behind this is that knobs can be baby proofed.  Zinc alloy knobs are made of heavy material that will last longer.

3. Square Shaped knobs

Multi-colored square shaped knobs

These multi-colored square shaped knobs pull handles are suitable for kindergarten cabinet hardware. In addition to adding color to cabinet hardware, they can also be child proofed. They are cost efficient.

4. Aluminium alloy Handles.

Aluminum is an extremely durable material , especially when coated for color, hardness, and protection. It’s a low density metal that gives the knife a great, substantial feel without weighting it down.

     5. Ceramic Animal shaped drawer knobs

Kindergarten spaces are decorated with kid-friendly material that are appealing for children. cabinet hardware is no exception. These ceramic animal shaped knobs are suitable for cabinet hardware in kindergartens. Not only are they delightful, but also very cost efficient and durable.

6. Embedded Finger pull

Wholesale Modern embedded finger handles

Finger pulls provide a stylish method to add hardware to your cabinet hardware without detracting from the appearance of your furniture or cabinets. Finger handles are modern and provide easy grip for younger children.

7. Silica gel cartoon shaped knobs

These are simple cartoon shaped drawer knobs that are suitable cabinet hardware in kindergarten. They are adorable to look at. Also, They give kindergarten spaces a very nice look that portray learning space and fun spaces for children. Moreover, they knobs are cost efficient and durable. They upgrade the overall aesthetic of any room.

 8. Ceramic square shaped handle and knobs

ceramic square shaped pull handle

These handles are unique , colorful and delightful. They add color to any cabinet hardware. Knobs are a more comfortable choice for cabinet doors since your hand naturally turns when you open them. also, The advantage to using ceramic knobs is they don’t lose color very easily and can be child proofed to restrict children from opening them.

9. Aluminium alloy arch handles

Aluminium alloy Arch Pull handles

These arch pulls are made of aluminium. They come in polished, satin brass and matte black colors. Drawer pulls are a great alternative to knobs since they give a better grip on the handles. Pulls are also easier for youngsters to operate since they may easily use both hands to assist them. On kindergarten cabinets, arch cabinets look fantastic. Because of their larger size, handles stand out more on drawers than knobs.

10. Modern cup handles

simple modern cup handles.

Due to the presence of several drawers placed side by side, cup cabinet and drawer pulls are most commonly found in kindergarten cabinets. Pulls provide the appearance of streamlined and ordered rooms that are extremely appealing and simple. Regardless of hue, because there are typically several drawers next to each other, and pulls provide a more streamlined and ordered impression.

Cup cabinet and drawer pulls look stunning whatever of the color of  the furniture.