Choosing hardware for a school is quite tricky. There are no strict rules to which handles and knobs are suitable for schools. School owners should opt for durable, beautiful and easy to maintain handles and knobs.

School owners should always factor in the possibility that students will always tend to break the cabinet hardware whether on purpose or not on purpose. Therefore, handles and knobs should be able to be changed without difficulty.

Also, School administrators have to purchase cabinet hardware in bulk; this brings in the price factor.

Here is a list of the 10 best handles and knobs recommended for schools

  1. Brushed nickel cabinet bar handle


These handles are the ideal ones to use in classroom cabinet spaces. These handles or pulls are basic, yet durable. Their color does not fade quickly and they are easy to use while opening  and closing cabinets.

      2. Concealed Handles

The benefit of utilizing concealed handles is that they will not corrode or rust away quickly. The hidden handles are as simple to clean and maintain as they are to use. These hidden handles are available in a variety of forms and sizes for various applications.

      3. Warm chestnut Arch handles

These are made of durable metal iron, classic shell-shaped design suitable for all types of furniture. Furthermore, Its polished smooth surface will protect student’s fingers from being hurt while opening or closing cupboards.

      4. Zinc alloy cabinet door knob


Unlike other knobs, Zinc alloy hidden cabinet door knobs are given a simple structure. Moreover, These knobs come in a variety of colors. Gold, brushed nickel and matte black. Also, They will suit any type of cabinet hardware in classroom spaces and they are easy to manipulate while opening and closing. In addition, These knobs are said to be stronger therefore durable.

5.  Stainless steel handles

Stainless steel handles are square shaped drawer handle pulls that are  not only durable, but also have strong material. In addition, Stainless steel is a very strong material that is resistant to external influences. Also,  Stainless steel handles are able to withstand corrosion and does not show off scratches .

    6. Zinc alloy bar handles.

These handles make classrooms look much more fancier. Zinc alloy bar handles are great in classroom spaces because they look nice and are very affordable to buy in bulk.

  7. Brushed nickel arch handles

Brushed nickel arch handles are the most popular choice for schools and universities. These handles are more preferred because they are basic and fit into any choice of design and aesthetic. also, these handles are cheaper in bulk compared to other handles and knobs. They are durable and easy to maintain. These arch handles are rust and corrosion resistant and do not age at all. I would recommend these to any school.

   8. Zinc alloy finger handle

Like Brushed nickel arch handles, Zinc alloy finger pulls are also very popular. These handles are very cost efficient. They are made of heavy metal which makes them more durable. zinc alloy finger handles can last for a long time hence a better option for schools.

     9.  Aluminium handles

Aluminium handles are another popular choice. These are contemporary styled handles that are easy to maintain are replace in case of damage. Aluminium handles are suitable foe school administration offices because they appear to be more elegant.

10. Zinc alloy Drawer pulls

The strength of zinc alloy handles and pulls is one of its most important characteristics. Zinc is a robust raw material, which is why it is utilized to produce excellent, long-lasting furniture alloy handles.


All in all, all these 10 best recommendations from geortree’s catalog of carefully designed knobs and handles.