What are the next cabinet hardware trends in 2021? These are the must-have kitchen and furniture cabinet hardware ideas and accessories you need to know about, from cabinet handles to knobs .

Whether you’re designing your cabinet hardware or planning a budget-friendly remodel, the cabinet hardware you pick should not be a hasty decision made at the last minute.

Consider the hardware to be the jewels of your clothing. Isn’t it true that your earrings or necklace can make or break your outfit?

Similarly, selecting the appropriate cabinet hardware, can transform your kitchen from builder-grade to high-end.

I promise that putting these decisions off until the last minute will stress you out. There are several options, particularly when it comes to cabinet hardware handles and knobs.

I will offer  guideline to which handles and knob finished are popular in 2021.

Brass finishes

Simple Brass cabinet drawer handle

Brass has been popular for over a decade and will continue to be so in the next year. Brass finishes on kitchen cabinet hardware or other cabinet hardware give this traditional metal a contemporary spin. It’s a set of solid brass pulls with minimal geometric profiles. Whatever finish or design you pick, consider hardware as an investment rather than a temporary new trend.

Isn’t it strange how brass was once shunned? Of course, the bright, tarnished brass from our childhood homes looks nothing like the antique and satin finishes available today.

Mixed metals

Brushed Nickel bar pull

reaching for light fixtures in a different material than their hardware of choice. “Personally, I’ve seen cooler metals start to trend again like brushed or polished nickel,” he says. “There’s a balance with mixed metals that makes a space feel both warm and cool.” The good news: you won’t have to worry about matching your finishes anymore.

Minimalism has influenced cabinet hardware. Sleek, contemporary bar pulls in silver are the most popular sellers at big hardware stores. Cylinder bar pulls have been around for a long time and are still the pull of choice for house flippers.

Everything Color

While it isn’t a hardware trend, consumers are moving for brighter, friendlier tones in the kitchen, which might influence metal selection. People are spending more time at home as a result of the epidemic, and they want to make their kitchen a happy place. If repainting or replacing cabinets isn’t an option, add a splash of color with lively copper hardware.

Matte black Finishes

Sultry, elegant, appealing, and ageless, matte black is a must-have. So it’s no surprise that an increasing number of people want to incorporate this finish into their houses. And you might love it as well.

Matte black has numerous design advantages, the most notable of which is its considerable wow factor. Black is always a striking tone, but matte black feels much more so. Because it reflects relatively little light, it exudes a powerful and dominating presence. A two-toned cabinet system, such as this one with charcoal black uppers, creates a powerful focal point that attracts you into the kitchen.

Concealed handles

Zinc alloy concealed handles

Concealed handles are in fashion this 2021. There is nothing more better than a cabinet that fully displays its whole beauty. Concealed handles offer a creative, aesthetic feel that “draws” you in. They accentuate  the design of the cabinet without stealing the spotlight.

Matte black Simple knobs

Black Handles for Furniture Cabinet Knobs Handles Kitchen Handles Drawer  Knobs Cabinet Pulls Cupboard Handles Knobs Hardware|Cabinet Pulls| -  AliExpress

Knobs are a mixed bag, but the top sellers seem to be simple black button styles and handles. You can see from the collection of cabinet hardware that the most popular knob styles vary, similarly to the  bar pulls.

2021 is all about minimalist handles and knobs.