Replacing hardware is one of the simplest and most cost-effective methods to update the appearance of any house. While it may appear to be a little detail, the correct hardware finish can completely transform the look of a space. Finishes are an important factor next to choosing knobs and pulls.  Whether you’re starting from the ground up on a new construction or updating an existing installation, consider the hardware finish carefully; it may make or break the space!

Here’s an overview of several common hardware finishes.

Matte black

Matte Black is always eye-catching and surprisingly flexible, meeting in the midst of classic and modern style. Its wrought iron-like appearance is ideal for Southwestern or Farmhouse decor.

Brushed brass

Brushed finishes are more expensive, but they offer the advantage of hiding wet stains and fingerprints. Because of their premium appearance and pleasing feel, these finishes are popular in residential construction. Brushed finishes are created by brushing the metal with a tool, causing tiny abrasions on the surface and giving the metal a softer look.


The look of brushed and satin finishes is similar, and they are frequently used interchangeably, but the distinction lies in how these finishes are applied. Satin finishes are generally applied electromagnetically and then lacquered. Lacquer is a liquid composed of shellac dissolved in alcohol or synthetic chemicals that dries to produce a hard protective coating for wood, metal, and other surfaces. Satin coatings, like brushed finishes, disguise fingerprints and wet stains but are more resistant to scratches.

Polished Finishes

The Polished finishes provide a gleaming, brilliant appearance at an affordable price. This sort of finish provides a gleamingly clean appearance, but it must be maintained on a regular basis. Polished finishes, depending on the tone of the finish and the profile of the hardware, make wonderful accents in both modern and traditional design.


Polished Brass

The Polished Brass finish is a timeless finish with antique appeal that is presently having a renaissance in bathroom design. This finish’s traditional appeal stems from its lovely reflecting surface and warm, vibrant tones.

Satin Nickel

The Satin Nickel is popular when designing for a more modern space. Also, Satin Nickel has a sumptuous aspect to it, with its serene, cool shine balanced by delicate warm undertones. It looks fantastic with stainless steel equipment, making it an excellent choice for kitchens.

Brushed nickel

A Brushed Nickel bar pull

Brushed nickel is nickel that has been polished by etching it with a wire brush or other similar instrument to give it a textured appearance. Furthermore, Brushed nickel is a common metal finish for: kitchen cabinets and bathroom cabinetry.


Chrome hardware, whether polished or matte, provides a sleek and modern appearance. Moreover, Chrome is popular in bathrooms because of its bright, clean appearance. This finish is reasonably affordable and readily accessible in a wide range of goods.

Oil Rubbed Bronze

This finish, also known as Antique Bronze, is ideal for bringing a sense of rustic appeal to any room. This Antique bronze gives off a Vintage ans surprisingly an elegant vibe. This finish is ideal for cabinet hardware in living room, kitchen and office space.


Although all the finishes are used, The most popular finishes are the Antique bronze, Matte black, Polished Brass, Satin nickel and Chrome. These are the most widely used.

Choosing finishes for pulls and knobs is not at all difficult, you just have to know which ones are best suit for your own aesthetic and styling. Select finishes that will elevate the look of your cabinet. The best finishes are ones that light up a room and accentuate the cabinet hardware design.