Hardware, which is little yet powerful, may create or break the appearance of your place.
The most essential aspect of every dress is the accessorizing. An ensemble may be made with a little sparkle, glam, or something surprising and trendy. Well, I believe that accessorizing is equally essential when decorating your house, which is why we’re looking at “jewelry choices” for the kitchen: hardware!

The handles on our cupboards, which are often ignored but have a high ‘wow’ value, may be quickly switched out to significantly transform the aesthetic of your room.

I’m now looking for the ideal brass pulls to replace my tired silver knobs. But, in order to get a whole picture of what’s available at the hardware store these days, I’m going beyond brass and trying out a few other materials as well. These stunning hardware alternatives are guaranteed to inspire, with anything from elegant black bars to bohemian porcelain and even DIY leather.

Beautiful Brass

Long, slender brass and gold drawer pulls are fast becoming a fixture in many houses. They are modern but classic, with the flexibility to adapt to a wide range of designs and color palettes, allowing for an incredibly simple upgrade.

Dresser-Like Delicates: Think outside the kitchen aisle and bring in one-of-a-kind hardware pieces designed for other rooms or furniture. When coupled with more robust hardware like cup pulls and knobs, these delicate drop pulls achieve a sophisticated balance that stops the area from appearing overly-frilly while being very trendy.

Shape-Shifters: To be honest, these hexagonal knobs are presently in my buying basket! I adore how an aged brass finish can take on new forms and appear so contemporary. The V-shaped pulls provide a great contrast while maintaining the overall geometric mood.

All Matte black

Classic Combo: There is no more classic combination than black and white. With slender black bars combined with industrial lighting and storage, this kitchen pays homage to vintage schoolhouse design. At the same time, it’s traditional and cutting-edge.


Porcelain:  Whether you’re looking for a bohemian vibe or adding a romantic touch, painted porcelain packs a big punch in a small package. Such a lovely and easy way to add a splash of color and texture to any kitchen.

Designing a new kitchen or renovating an existing one can be a rewarding experience, and one of the most enjoyable aspects of the design process is researching kitchen cabinet hardware options. These apparently little fittings can add a lot of flair to your kitchen cabinets and serve as a fantastic outlet for your creative side.

When researching kitchen cabinet hardware options, your first step should be to determine how closely linked in style you want your hardware and the cabinets themselves to be. A conventional Shaker design cabinet, for example, might be paired with basic, modest brushed metal hardware—or it can serve as a blank canvas for all kinds of inventive door handles and drawer pulls.

While adhering to a one-to-one approach with cabinets and hardware may save you time and simplify the design process, experimenting with different possibilities may allow you to express more of your personal design style in the kitchen.