We’ve talked a little too much about selecting cabinet hardware. Unfortunately, not much has been stated about what cabinet hardware actually is. Aside from knobs and pulls, there are also plenty of other things we need to know in order to grasp the notion of knobs and pulls and how they function. All of the information we leave behind is critical to the knobs and pulls.

It is critical to recognize that there is still much more to learn in order to completely comprehend cabinetry. There isn’t a single element that isn’t significant, from hinges to screws. As a matter of fact, don’t be reluctant to learn a thing or two from this post.

Believe me, I am not an expert in cabinet hardware knowledge, but I have found it quite useful to know even the minor intricacies that come with choosing cabinet hardware for my home. If it is about my house, it is definitely about me.

I compiled a list of frequently asked questions. These questions are frequently misunderstood, but don’t worry, I have the solutions!

#1 What is the difference between a handle, pull and a knob

Among the three, the most confusing to differentiate is the pull and knob. While both names are interchangeable, a knob generally has a single point of connection, whereas a pull typically has at least two. Knobs are attached to a cabinet with just one screw while a pull is attached with at least two screws.

Zinc Alloy Round Knob

A knob is the round object you use to open and close cabinet doors, while a pull can have many shapes and styles.

Pulls, I’ve discovered, are far more difficult to install than knobs. If you wish to install them yourself, use the cabinet hardware installation template.

Aluminium Alloy pulls

Handles are used to refer to  pulls and knobs. Handle is a term used for items that perform the push and pull function for any cabinet doors, drawers and  doors.

#2 Everything about center to center

On online hardware retailers, I typically see the terms center to center. I had no idea what this meant, but I knew it was significant. When I first  purchased knobs and pulls, the dealer inquired about the center to center measurements that I want. To his dismay, I had absolutely no knowledge of it!

The Center-to-Center of any drawer pull is the distance between the centers of one screw hole and the centers of the other. Measuring the center-to-center of the drawer pull is critical in determining whether replacement hardware will fit and if you’ll need to drill new mounting holes or fit into existing ones.

To determine the center-to-center measurement, remove your existing pulls using a screwdriver, then take a ruler or measuring tape and measure from the center of one screw hole to the center of the other screw hole.

Some hardware manufacturing companies like Geortree offer the option of customizing your center to center measurements.

#3 Proper Maintenance of Handles and pulls

Please avoid using abrasive cleaning products and abrasives (including metal polish solutions), as they might harm the finish on your hardware. It is highly recommended to use  a delicate cloth, warm water, and no more than a little amount of dish soap.

If you notice that the finish on your cabinet is starting to fade away, it might be time to polish it. It is always necessary to keep your cabinet hardware looking fresh.  Scratches on handles is also something to worry about. Over time, some pulls and knobs will show some traces of scratches, this will not give a good look to your cabinet hardware. Consider replacing them or getting them polished.