Cabinet hardware comes in a variety of finishes, but appearances may be misleading. Why do the prices of cabinet hardware vary? If you go through any home design publication or browse through pictures on Pinterest, you’ll notice that brass cabinet hardware is back in trend. But the actual question is, what kind of brass finish do you have? More brass finishes are being used in houses, but not the brass you remember from the 1980s – brilliant, dazzling, and overwhelming – your grandmother’s brass.

Homeowners are hesitant to reintroduce brass into their homes after removing all of the 1980s brass, from chandeliers to bright door handles. However, the brass that is becoming more popular in houses is not the same. It’s more subtle, muted, and peaceful. The gold finish of brass adds warmth, refinement, and elegance to any environment, and it now has a brushed finish rather than a “brassy” one.

Homeowners are increasingly demanding gold and brass hardware in the kitchens we design. Cabinet hardware is the finishing touch, similar to kitchen jewelry. Because of their attractiveness, silver finishes (stainless steel, brushed and polished nickel) were commonly used in kitchens in the past, but brass finishes are becoming more popular. This because?  Because painted gray, blue, and white cabinetry adorns a plethora of kitchens, and brass hardware adds a golden warmth to the cold tones of the painted cabinets. We adore the mix of white cabinets with gold pulls and knobs; it is a classic look that will never go out of style.

The classic Chinese Ceramic Brass Knob

Gold and brass fixtures are more appealing these days since the finishes are brushed and more modest than in the 1980s. The calm, golden tone of the brass attracts more attention than the previous, bright, brilliant brass. It adds a touch of warmth and refinement to a room.

Brass is a trailblazing trend

Since it is time to alter your mind on brass, here are some pointers on how to use it in your home:

  1. Use brass as an embellishment. Brass, when utilized tastefully in the house, never goes out of style. It is not required to apply it throughout your home. Instead of the bright, loud brass of the 1980s, look for brushed finishes in brass that are muted. A little bit of brass may go a long way!
  2. Will brass be the new stainless steel? Most likely not. Brass is an excellent choice for accent pieces, fixtures, lighting, hardware, and other minor décor items. This is why you find brass in kitchens rather than bathrooms: continuous wetness and humidity are harsh on brass, and brass displays fingerprints and spots more than stainless steel or porcelain.
  3. Sometimes all a space needs is a bit of brass to add a touch of elegance! Brass and nickel combine nicely together since both are warm metals, and black, as we all know, goes with everything!

Crystal Brass Furniture hardware from Geortree

Maybe it’s time to reconsider utilizing brass and gold in your house. As far as we can tell, the trend of muted brass fixtures or finishes is here to stay!