Oh what joy it brings to decorate your little one’s room! Hand picking every single detail to bring a kid’s room together is a very fulfilling  experience. Although handles and knobs are minimal accessories to add to a room, they can portray a lot. Carefully sorted cabinet hardware show that one has put a lot effort into creating the perfect kids’ rooms. A kid’s room is very different from other rooms in a home because they require paying attention to more details.

While one can add the usual cabinet hardware to a kid’s room, there are various kid-friendly cabinet hardware options that are available. There are no rules to follow when choosing the appropriate pulls and knobs, just go with your gut feeling-it is always right.

This article will give you a baseline of options to choose from.

Wear resistance Silica knobs

Toys are a kid’s best friend. What more could they ask for if they have their best friends with them all the time? These wear resistance silica knobs are perfect for cabinets in a kids room.

First and foremost these handles  can be baby proofed for children safety. Furthermore, they provide grip because they are light weight and easy to handle.

As the name suggests, these knobs are wear resistant. They are strong and proven to withstand the test of time. Moreover, the color of these knobs brighten up the whole aesthetic of a room.


Pattern Zinc Alloy Modern cabinet handles

Who says a kid’s room can’t be classy? Pattern zinc alloy modern handles are a perfect match for a kid’s room. They are timeless and never go out fashion. Zinc alloy handles can be matched with any color cabinets and they can be baby proofed for protection. Baby proofing is a very important factor because kids require protection.

Silica gel Letter cabinet knob

Silica gel cabinet knobs are a popular choice by many home owners. You can’t have a kid’s room without colorful knobs to compliment the look of the cabinets. These colorful knobs are very durable and add more character and aesthetic to the cabinets. They pull attention towards the cabinets. If you want to go all out in decorating furniture, you might want to consider buying these.

The best part about these knobs is that one can mix and match different colors together. These handles and knobs can go well with all types of cabinets. We call them multi-functional because they cab be used on drawers, wardrobes, kid’s bathroom and many other furniture types.

Furthermore, these silica gel handles are perfect because they are cost efficient and easy to manipulate. Cost is always an important factor to consider when purchasing cabinet hardware.  Cost is,  however,  related to quality though indirectly. The quality and cost of these pulls and knobs is fair and the quality is top notch.

Cabinetry in a kid’s room should be easy to handle and manipulate. Silica gel handles are easy to maintain and clean. A wet cloth will clean  out any dirt and maintain the freshness.