Every designer understands that the smallest details may have the greatest impact. That is certainly true for the bathroom cabinet hardware you select.
One option over another may drastically transform your style, much like choosing a pair of shoes to complement a favorite attire. Styles and trends range from rustic pulls to colorful knobs and edge pulls.

Choose cabinet hardware that is cost-effective and trendy kitchen cabinet hardware. It’s challenging, but not impossible, to strike a balance between timeless and trendy. If you’re considering a bathroom makeover, you have a broad range of hardware options to lend a touch of elegance, class, or whimsy to your décor.

Hardware handles and knobs for bathroom cabinets


  1. Modern Brushed brass pulls:

Brushed brass Handles are usually used for kitchen cabinets. Brass finishes looks refined on cabinets. They add a chic and elegance to your cabinet and furniture. Brushed brass handles are an all time favorite. Brushed brass are easy to clean and maintain. A simple wet cloth will do the trick. The best thing about brushed brass is that they are readily available in many stores. If you need to upgrade or get new handles, Brushed brass are not hard to find in local hardware stores. Furthermore, Brushed brass has a durable finish. The polish on brushed brass does not easily fade over time. Make sure that when you purchase cabinet hardware, polished finishes should not easily be removed. Therefore, I strongly recommend you to purchase modern brushed brass for your cabinet hardware. What more, is that brushed brass is easy to match with other accessories and fixtures. You shouldn’t have to worry about brass blending in with your furniture colors. Brushed brass will not clash with other colors.


2. Prime Polished Arch handles

An arch with a width that is significantly greater than its height, resembling an ellipse, and drawn from three or more centers. These handles are very high class and give a certain sophistication to your bathroom cabinetry. Furthermore, Arch handles provide more grip compared to knobs of the same polish. If you have children or elderly people living with yo, you might want to consider choosing arch handles. Prime polished Arch handles go well with white shaker cabinets. White cabinets and prime polished handles are are very elegant. Whose to say bathrooms are not meant to be classy? Spice up the look of your cabinetry and improve the over all appearance of your bathroom and home.

3. Zinc Alloy circular knobs


Zinc Alloy knobs are a timelessly popular choice for bathroom drawers. These knobs are simple circular knobs and small size. They are the right size of knobs perfect and provide grip. Zinc alloy knobs are resistant to erosion. Moreover, Because the bureau or doors are frequently opened and closed, the knobs should be difficult to keep attached to specific furniture.

Also, These knobs  must be long-lasting, as well as robust and solid. knobs must not be tough to keep up with as well. Zinc alloy knobs are easy to clean up and maintain.

4. Arrow type handles

Arrow type handles are stylish handles that are quickly becoming popular choice for most homeowners. The handles are new to the market, In fact, I have not seen any handles in this shape before. I honestly believe these handles are a great addition to your bathroom cabinet hardware. Arrow type handles are made of zinc alloy. This metal is probably one of the best metals to buy because they do not rust easily and are very durable. In addition, Arrow type handles are very class and are the bling factor to add to your bathroom cabinet. They also go well with white cabinets.