The physical look of cabinet hardware is always a concern. Cabinet hardware is like the icing on the cake; it completes the overall look of your design. Aside from usefulness, the cabinet’s visual appeal should enhance its beauty. The design of knobs or pulls should be a key factor in any purchase choice. There are several designs and styles available on the market.

When it comes to choosing designs for handles and knobs, it all comes down to personal preference and aesthetic. Including your personal style will increase the value and sentimentality of your cabinet hardware. You should select cabinet hardware that tells a narrative and makes a strong statement of elegance, class, and beauty. Choose a theme that corresponds to your personality.

As the saying goes, “style is merely an expression of personality,” so choose cabinet hardware that reflects your personality in the most natural way.

Cabinet hardware is available in three different designs. Here is a list of all the cabinet hardware designs and styles to select from.

1. Modern cabinet hardware style

Modern cabinet hardware may also be referred to as contemporary cabinet hardware design. Everything about these cabinet knobs screams contemporary. They are quite basic and feature only modest embellishments. Some modern cabinet pulls, on the other hand, retain the elegance associated with the modern world.

These contemporary design are one of a kind trending cabinet hardware styles. if you want your house to retain a very clean and sleek flesh look, go with the contemporary designs of handles and knobs.

Modern or contemporary cabinet is very chic and elegant looking. Contemporary handles have the ability to elevate and transform the look of a home for the best.

2. Antique cabinet hardware styles

These handles are designed to look like the old-school handles. Everything about them appears basic and classic. They are the ideal solution if the room’s style is still ancient.

Antique handles portray a sense of vintage yet classy and elegant vibe. The Vintage cabinet hardware is very famous for not being subtle at all. Antique pulls or knobs appear old and rusty, but their vintage vibe is what makes them perfect and elegant.

Compared to other types of cabinet hardware designs is far more expensive and very hard to obtain. Be careful not to purchase fake antique handles and knobs.

Furthermore, Although antique cabinet hardware is very hard to maintain, it is worth the trouble. Owning cabinet hardware is a sign that you have got very good taste and style.

3. Transitional Cabinet hardware design

Last but not least, Transitional Cabinet hardware style is the last type of cabinet hardware style. The Transitional handles are a mix of the contemporary and Antique design.

This kind of style possesses all the characteristics of both designs. The transitional cabinet hardware designs are one of kind that bring together the whole concept to look like a well thought of and very elegant look.

All in all, the choice between the three is a tough one that needs extra thought to it. However, first decide on the design of your preference this should make your choices very easy to make.