If you want to update your kitchen, you should also modernize the cabinets. Most antique kitchen cabinets are opened with knobs (one hole). Well the Answer to the question is a definite YES! Knobs can be substituted for handles.  Replacing old knobs with contemporary handles is an inexpensive way to update the look of your cabinets. The only issue is that you now have a hole in the cabinet from the previous knob.

You may save money by purchasing cabinet hardware handles in quantity. Simply count the number of cabinets you have, including those that do not open, such as those under the kitchen sink. If your cabinets are made of wood and lack a handle or knob, all you need to do is drill a hole in the wood using the template that came with the handles.

How to replace knobs with handles

If you are replacing the knobs on your kitchen cabinets to handles, you will need to drill two new holes and fill up the hole from the knob. By reusing the existing knob hole, you may be able to skip drilling two holes and simply drill one. This should be doable procedure, as one screw will pass through the hole where the knob used to be and into the new handle.

Then, drill one additional hole above it to attach the new handle to the cabinet. If the knob was at the extreme end of the cabinet, this might not work. Do all you can to make the handles appear attractive without drilling two new holes. If this is not feasible, drill two new holes and plug the old one with a wood plug.

Do not hesitate to call in a specialist if this fails. Because you have one shot at doing this right, be extra careful and follow the rules from the cabinet hardware installation template.