Knobs and handles are the tiniest but most important pieces of hardware that complete the appearance of a cabinet. They are the final touch, therefore it is critical that you choose a suitable type for your cabinets. The ideal knob or handle will have a significant aesthetic impact, enhancing the whole visual appearance of the cabinet in an easy and elegant manner. Different forms of  handles and knobs might mismatch and make the cabinet hardware appear crowded. You have to consider three aspects when determining the choice between knobs and handles. Function, Design and hardware type should be the basis of your decision.


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The type of decision you make is heavily influenced by the sort of Furniture hardware you’re dealing with. You should first decide if you want a drawer or a cabinet. If it’s a drawer, you might want to think about getting a knob if it’s less than 30 cm long. If a drawer is within a large closet, please use hidden handles; else, the closet door may not close properly.The hardware you choose will be influenced by the type of cabinet you have. Every type of cabinet will not work with every type of hardware. The correct hardware will appear stylish and blend in seamlessly with the cabinet. Choose from a wide selection of attractive handles and knobs.

The entire visual appearance of a cabinet hardware will be distinguished by its design. Color selection must take into account the design element. We provide a range of color options. You may opt for gold for a more modern style, matte black for a more traditional look, or brass for a classic and popular choice among our clientele.

The colors you choose for handles and knobs should go well together—while not everything has to be color-matched, they should at least be complimentary. Of course, you’ll want to think about utility as well. The efficiency and aesthetics of the handles and knobs should be harmonious.

The decision between a knob and a pull involves more than just aesthetics; you must also consider the ease of use of both. A handle may be preferred over a knob because it is easier to manipulate or operate. Knobs, on the other hand, are easier to install than handles and pulls. It is better to use handles on larger drawers and cabinets than knobs. Using a handle to open a drawer is considerably more comfortable. This permits you to grip with your entire hand rather than just your fingertips.

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There are no hard and fast guidelines to follow when deciding whether to use a knob, handles, or both. One option is to utilize knobs on all doors and handles on all drawers. At Geortree, We are a leading handles and knob producer company. Our handle and knob collection has been carefully curated to suit a wide range of styles. If you’re seeking for a specific handle style, such as modern, vintage, or classic, we have it on our website and we are ready to deliver to you in the amount of time.

Our handles are suited for a wide range of applications. We supply of plenty types of handles and knobs from our selection that is be perfect for any aesthetic or style, Modern and ceramic. You can choose from our zinc alloy ceramic drawer knobs, or from our wholesale modern finger pull handles, the list is endless. Our strongest suit as a company and main objectives are efficiency, quality assurance and customer centricity.

On small cabinets where handles and pulls would be too much, knobs look so much more nicer. The key to all of these ideas is to select the cabinet hardware that works best for how you want to utilize your living space. Always Remember that comfort is just as essential as appearance.


Is it better to have knobs or handles? This heated topic is not about selecting handles and knobs, but about selecting a style for your home.