When it comes to selecting cabinet hardware, we often make the same mistakes. There are no clear laws controlling this type of aspect.  However, we have managed to develop certain universal standards that we are obligated to obey in specific circumstances.

Although picking Cabinet is a tough task, these unstated principles help us avoid some of the pitfalls we make in this area. Furthermore, these principles help us to go from amateurs to pros. It is important to denote that there is no right or wrong way to select cabinet hardware.

I have narrowed down a few mistakes we have all made at one point when we are choosing cabinet hardware.

1. Selecting hard to maintain handles

We all prefer visually appealing pulls and knobs. Whether you like it or not, your cabinet hardware will become stained. Get accustomed to the reality that shiny knobs won’t stay shiny for long. Choose a cabinet hardware material that is simple to clean. Some textiles will just take a damp towel to clean, while others may necessitate more work. The question is, how much time and effort are you willing to devote to cleaning your hardware?

If you are willing to go the extra mile, that is good for you. However, quick fixes are better. Choose pulls and knobs you will be able to maintain with ease.

2. Choosing the wrong cabinet hardware size

It is such a pity when you order the ideal knobs or pulls, but you have to return them because they are either too small or too big. This only applies to pulls because knobs may be readily updated or swapped. If you buy pulls of the wrong screw size and wish to change them, you will have a difficult time locating a pull in that size, much alone one you like. Standard screw diameters range from 3-5 inches. Keep your hardware in this range, on 14-inch intervals, and you’ll be OK.

3. Be sure to keep clear from trends

Knobs were the first to acquire popularity, and later brass pulls replaced knobs. Then came the oil-rubbed bronze pulls, which had their shining time. Matte black was then added to the team. My idea is to avoid trends unless you want to update your hardware every few  years.

Examine your kitchen cabinets. It is up to them to shine, not the hardware. The cabinet hardware is a nice touch, but it isn’t the icing on the cake. They are not required to be the center of attention. To be safe, go with silver, black, or white handles for a timeless designs.  Do not  over obsess over choosing the right pulls and handles.

4. Ignoring the importance of mixing and matching

Cabinet hardware should complement the existing cabinetry. This results in a uniform appearance in any kitchen or living room. Decor may always include a variety of components. There is a time and place for mixing and matching finishes, but not when it comes to hardware. Choose the same knobs and pulls for the entire room, and make sure they match the primary finish. This creates an excellent launching pad from which to work.

5. Forgetting to factor in pricing

The most common mistake is forgetting to consider the pricing of the cabinet hardware handles. Pricing should  be the first to be considered because it highlights which pulls or knobs one is able to afford to buy. Going way over budget to accommodate to buy type of cabinet  hardware you want. Purchase what you need not what you want. These cabinet hardware can be expensive because you probably need to buy hardware for all the cabinets in you house. Always consider pricing.