If you have Coat hooks in your home, congratulations you are part of the classy people we have left! Coat hooks are a not so popular component, yet a very necessary one indeed. Aside from its use, the coat hooks can add more elegance to your home. When you have guests coming in to see you and you offer to hang their coats, this is in some sorts a classy and fancy gesture.

Coat hooks have new and improved designs that will suit the house where they are placed into. This is an exclusive shopping list you must consider when buying your coat hooks.

Heavy Duty Dual Coat Hooks

These are simple coat hooks made from Zinc alloy material. The metal is heavy to support all the weight that it has to carry. They have a well mounted electroplate and come in five different colors. This design is my absolute favorite because I can hang as many coat as possible and the hooks can hold on firmly.

Furthermore, these coat hooks are said to be rust proof and can be used any season. These can be handy in winter time when the coats are filled with snow. Rust proof coat hooks are also said to last a long time, therefore, this is more of an investment that a purchase.

Dual coat hooks (nano plated hooks)

These are Dual coat hooks with wall mounted utility nano-plating. Nano plating is application of a surface layer that repels dry particles, water, oil, and soil. Moreover, They are available in both liquid and solid forms and have advantageous properties. Furthermore, A nano coating, for example, can make a surface scratch resistant, harder, or germ resistant.

The nano plated hooks are strong in nature and able to hold an increased number of weight. Furthermore, They are Vintage designs that are available in pearl black and nickel colors.

Simple Style Electroplate Hooks

These are by far the most common types that are available. A timeless and classy hook can never go wrong. You can choose between the one with visible screws and the one without the visible screws. In addition, By adding a thin, durable metal coating to a surface, electroplating provides a protective barrier that reduces friction and prevents tarnishing while also preserving the surface from wear and tear. The surface characteristics of an object alter when a non-metallic surface is coated with metal.

New style Matte black Coat hooks

This design is by far the newest design to be invented. They say go all out or go home! Go all out and buy unique designs or be left out in the current trends. Moreover, Matte black is very sophisticated color that exhibits elegance and class. On white walls or gray walls , The matte black coat hooks will look extra exquisite and will never go out of style.

Coat Hooks should become a necessary accessory to add in any living or working spaces. They are very useful hardware components that should not be under rated.