Have you been thinking about renovating your cabinet hardware? Buying new pulls and knobs can be frustrating. New trends keep on coming and disappearing. Keeping up with these trends is extremely hard yet necessary. However, There are different choices and opinions out there on which cabinet hardware is the best. Honestly, this can be overwhelming sometimes when one has no choice or expertise in choosing cabinet hardware.

I came across this catalog of hot sale cabinet hardware that I absolutely LOVE and you will too. If you want classy and elegant handles and knobs this catalog is for you. Keep on reading!

Antique Ceramic door knob

This has to my favorite piece. Antique goes with classic and elegance. This is a zinc alloy metal knob or handle for furniture for doors or cupboards. The detail for this is simply beautiful. This is without a doubt a unique ceramic print that blend in with many cabinet colors. Furthermore, this zinc alloy is very durable and the finish won’t fade away easily. You can own this priceless piece for a very long time and it can keep its fresh look in any environment that it is placed in.

Clover lobed knobs

They say that handles and knobs are like jewelry, they accentuate the beauty of a person. Similarly, these clover lobed are simple clover lobed contribute more to the beauty of any cabinet . These knobs have the colors that will spice up the look of a cabinet. You do not have to worry about having dull looking cabinetry. The knobs are made of Zinc alloy and this implies that they are set to last a long time and they will not cause you to over stretch your budget.


Modern Finger pull handles

Wholesale Modern embedded finger handles


Ever heard the phrase “minimalism is the ultimate elegance”? These modern finger pull handles are the new elegant addition to the cabinet hardware collection. They are available in various finishes like matte black and brass. In addition, these handles can be matched with various cabinet styles. These are modern handles and quite frankly they will not go out of style.

Finger pull handles provide grip and they will thrive in any environment. I absolutely adore that they do not steal the spotlight from the cabinet style, instead finger pull handles complement the whole style.

Hollow carved cabinet handles

You can never go wrong with these gorgeous handles. They add the bling to your cabinet. These hollow carved  handles are suitable for office spaces and bedroom cabinetry. They come with  multiple color options and look dashing on any cabinet colors. The are the absolute highlight of any room they are placed into. Moreover, one can mix and match the colors into different rooms of an office space or home. These handles should definitely be on your to buy list.

Contemporary style handle pulls

Contemporary style handle are the perfect blend of class and elegance that your home needs. This is a must have if you want minimal yet sophisticated handles. They are perfect for kitchen cabinets and bathroom cabinets. These handles are extremely durable and they can be matched with any cabinet color. For a very  efficient price, one can get these. I believe these earned popularity in modern theme homes or living spaces. moreover, Contemporary style handles will stand out if matched with marble pieces.

There are many handles and knobs available on the market. However, not all of them might qualify to be the ones with timeless and one a kind aesthetics.This list from Geortree collection of handles and knobs. These are exclusive pieces of cabinet hardware that have gained the attention of many and have a reputation that precedes them.