Hardware is a minor component that may quickly become  overlooked. However, the ideal knob or pull may have a significant aesthetic impact. Thus, enhancing the area in an easy and uncomplicated manner. And when you consider how many times cabinet hardware is utilized in regular tasks, it becomes obvious that the value and delight that a well-made piece of hardware offers is well worth the investment.

Different knobs and pulls will come in different sizes. If cabinet is small, choose the appropriate size otherwise it might look obscured.

First decide whether you want knobs or pulls.

Determining size

Drawers and cabinets come in a variety of sizes, making it tough to identify which one you want. While there is no hard and fast rule, It is highly recommended that the pull length be roughly one-third of the cabinet or drawer width.

If you choose to buy knobs over handles, 1-1/4″ knobs are usually a solid bet. Size down for a more basic appearance. Choose something larger for an impressive huge appearance.

It is recommended that you select a single size and utilize it throughout your cabinets. There is no right or wrong size to choose,  selecting pulls with at least a 3-3/4″ center to center distance (the distance between the screw holes).

This size complements most cabinets while being large enough to easily hold. 5″ pulls are also a good option. Their somewhat longer length gives them a more modern appearance while being compact enough to slide into narrow drawers. Place two pulls on broad drawers if you choose a lower size throughout.

On broad drawers, instead of utilizing two pulls, use a single pull that is greater in length. This may provide a cleaner, more modern appearance while also making it easier to use your drawers. A decent rule of thumb is to use a pull that is roughly 1/3 the length of the drawer.

Extra lengthy handles  that cover almost the whole width of each cabinet can be used for contemporary cabinets.

Upon buying cabinet hardware, make sure that your knobs and handles are the right fit.