Our cabinet knobs and drawer pulls are among of your home’s most often handled surfaces. You’re always opening and closing drawers and cabinets, from reaching into the sock drawer to grabbing a drink from the cupboard. Cabinet hardware, like counter tops and floors, should be cleaned on a regular basis.

Cabinet hardware is the jewels of a space, therefore it must harmonize, be comfortable, and improve the style of you kid’s room. So, before you buy, do your homework, get samples, and compare finishes with your little one’s room to ensure a great fit.

There are several significant decisions to be made in the process of making a house a home, ranging from lighting to paint. With all of these moving elements, it might be difficult to remember that design is also in the details. And hardware is a minor aspect that may easily be overlooked. However, the proper knob or pull may have a significant aesthetic impact, enhancing the area in an easy and uncomplicated manner.

And when you consider how many times cabinet hardware is utilized in regular tasks, it becomes obvious that the value and delight that a well-made piece of hardware offers is well worth the cost.

When compared to picking cabinet hardware, maintaining cabinet hardware in your child’s room may be rather difficult. Maintaining Cabinet hardware in a child’s room is quite different from cabinet hardware is any other room. To make cabinet hardware in a child’s room endure longer, more effort and strength are required, but not excessively so.

Here are some pointers to assist the cabinet hardware in your child’s room survive a long time.

1. Always baby proof the cabinet hardware

Block all open outlets with furniture or use safety plugs. Close any cabinets, doors, or cupboards within baby’s reach. Kids tend to play with anything that they see around them. It is highly probable for children to play with these cabinet hardware as their toys. Baby proofing them and keeping them out of children’s way is a sure way maintaining cabinet hardware.

2. Clean the hardware

Wood hardware adds warmth and charm to classic and rustic designs. To keep their luster, clean pulls and knobs with a moderate soapy solution or a water-and-vinegar mixture. In any case, don’t leave water on the hardware for too long since it might distort or swell the wood. To remove harder stains, carefully wipe them away with a toothbrush. Remember to use a dry cloth to clean up after yourself.

Metal hardware is costly, but it adds a bit of glitter and shine to living rooms. They are a popular choice in Indian households, particularly in the kitchen, where they tend to collect a thick, tenacious coating of dirt. To clean metal kitchen cabinet hardware, soak it in a soapy solution for a few hours or overnight to loosen and remove most of the grime.

Rusting is another typical issue with metal hardware. Everything will be as good as new after soaking in vinegar or a mix of lemon juice and borax.