I do not believe in the phrase “Forever is an illusion”. Forever is not an illusion.! We can create our own forever! Similarly to life, The good news is that we can make cabinet hardware last a long time. When purchasing cabinet hardware, on of the important aspects is the durability. Durability and life span has got to be a key factor to influence one to buy or not to buy pulls and handles. And when we buy these hardware components, what can be done to ensure they don’t go bad very easily?

Truth be told, A lot can be done to ensure cabinet hardware does not grow old prematurely.

Regularly Maintaining cabinet hardware

A popular myth is that we only clean what is dirty. However, dirty or not dirty cabinet hardware needs to be cleaned on a regular basis. Some knobs and pulls only require a wet cloth to do the trick. Other cabinet hardware might require special chemicals to clean out the dirt. We should make it a goal to always keep the cabinet hardware looking so fresh and clean all day everyday.

Always check for signs that the hardware finish is being covered up by something. Clean that thing up before it is too late to be salvaged.

Polish Paint when deemed necessary

Repainting over the finish is another way to make cabinet hardware last a lifetime. When the finish is starting to fade away, make sure to get more paint to repaint the finishes. For Metals that show scratches, painting again is a popular choice.  Painting is fool proof plan that will assure  you to get the  results you are looking for-A fresh looking cabinet.

Reattached the screws properly

Over a period of time, the screws on pulls and knobs will start to unscrew themselves. This has nothing to do with any sloppy drilling methods, it is just the old age of the cabinet that will prompt screws to unscrew themselves. When you start noticing the handles and knobs start to get loose, this is a warning sign that the cabinet hardware needs new screws. Change the screws before any handles and knobs start to fall off and cause major damages. Each type of handle and knobs has its own specific screws. Match the screws properly for maximum results.

Handles can have a long life span if they are properly taken care of. It will rest upon the ability of the owner to take good care of these handles and knobs.