If the shoe fits, why then would you not wear it?  Much like Cinderella, If the cabinet hardware fits, then buy it. Matching cabinet hardware with cabinets is very important. It makes the cabinetry in any home or living and  working space seem complete and whole. Cabinets can not function without cabinet hardware. It just is impossible!

Whether you are renovating or buying hardware for the first time, consider the cabinetry’s whole appearance. Some people treat cabinets and handles and knobs as two different entities. Keep in mind that these are part of the same set. Therefore, cabinetry, pulls, knobs and handles should be given equal attention and consideration.

A useful tip when selecting cabinetry is to first check if the hardware goes well with the cabinet. Check all aspects including color, the aesthetic and design. Cabinetry that does not match hardware just looks misguided and unappealing.

How to blend cabinets and hardware

Understanding the basics of any concept is always the first step to take towards achieving anything. Cabinets and cabinet hardware are no exception.

The first step is to understand the basics knowledge of what kinds of cabinets and cabinet hardware are available. There are numerous options, therefore choosing might be difficult. Learning the basic knowledge will give perspective on which one you will prefer to purchase and which ones best suit your living space.

My best advice is consult an expert and make lots of research. Cabinetry is more of an investment than a purchase! The main goal should be to Invest your money in something that will not only last a lifetime, but also give good results.

The next step is to find knobs and pulls that are coherent with your design. After selecting cabinetry in any of your living space, begin the search of your finishing touch. Handles are definitely more difficult to find compared to cabinetry or furniture.

I recommend finding multiple cabinet hardware dealers to widen the scope of options. The more the number of options, the more chances of finding that one cabinet hardware that will elevate the look of your cabinetry.

Choose a knob or pull that you like, then pair it with the corresponding knob or pull. Just keep in mind that what makes a beautiful knob may not translate well to a pull design, or vice versa.

If the style you want doesn’t have matching hardware or you don’t like the matching alternatives, the next best thing is to match the finish. By selecting the same finish, you may harmonize knobs and pulls from various collections. However, be certain that the finish matches precisely. Even little differences will be evident.

When attempting to match finishes, it is best to buy from the same brand or merchant because the way their finishes are labeled will be consistent. If you are purchasing from many manufacturers or shops, you must obtain samples and compare finishes to locate two that match. Coherency is key to matching cabinets and cabinet hardware

There are some mistakes that are usually made when selecting cabinetry and cabinet hardware. These slip ups include matching different colors in the same room. This is plain wrong. Choose a uniform color and stick with it. If you want different colors consider placing them in different rooms. Mixing colors if often a bold and wrong move. Not all knobs and pulls go well with all types of cabinets. Different cabinets are used for various purposes and therefore require their own kind of handles. Kitchen cabinet hardware is different from wardrobe and dresser cabinet hardware. Mixing up the two can be disastrous at times.