Hi everyone so this is my story about how I gave my girlfriend a diamond embedded knob instead of an engagement ring. I know that sounds horrible but the story turned out to be pretty beautiful so let me tell you the story now.


Back when I was in college, I had this huge crush on a girl. Her name was Chin. She was among the brightest students in class, always scoring the best marks. I liked her a lot but I was just another average student and I was pretty sure that she was even unaware of my existence. 


After college, I used to work at a hardware store where me and other teammates used to sell cabinet handles, door knobs etc. While other students partied, I worked hard to earn money and support my family. 


One day, Chin came to the store with her friends. She wanted to buy some knobs and handles. I immediately recognized her and panicked. Even though I was shy, I was supposed to do my job, so I reached out to her for her requirements. 


To my surprise, she identified me immediately and started joking about how I am so shy. I became nervous but she told me not to worry about anything and I showed her our best collection of knobs and handles. 


She went through our collection and found one diamond embedded knob which she really loved but we didn’t have it in stock and I felt sad telling her about it. However, she purchased some other stuff and left.


Next day she met me in college and she immediately started teasing me about how I am so shy around her. My cheeks turned red and she asked me to have lunch together. 

We went to the cafeteria and we talked about a lot of stuff and we immediately hit it off. We had so much in common. We liked the same kind of movies, shows, songs, food and much more. 


I became so happy that Chin became my friend, however, I was afraid to tell her about my feelings. I was in love and I was scared that if I told her about my feelings, she would leave me.  


Days passed by and our bond became stronger but she was unaware about my feelings and I was scared that I would mess up everything. We used to sit together in class, had lunch together and much more. 


We texted each other all day and all night and one day I finally decided to tell her all about my feelings. I was so in love with her that I couldn’t bear it anymore. So I asked her to meet me at our favorite restro for Dinner.  


After Dinner, I finally confessed all my feelings for her and she was shocked. I was so nervous and scared that I’d ruin everything. Suddenly she started laughing and told me how she knew about my feelings all along and how she has the same feelings for me.


She told me that even she was scared that it would ruin our friendship, since now we both have the same feelings, we can continue on this new path together. 


I couldn’t believe my luck at all. I was so happy that I have her in my life as my partner, the girl I have had a crush on since the first day of college. We lived happily ever after. 


Soon our college came to an end and I got an amazing job at a multinational company and she also got a job in one of the biggest finance companies. We both were so happy.


I finally decided to propose to her and purchased a diamond ring. I was about to give her a surprise and then it happened. Somehow I lost the ring and I was unable to find it anywhere. I checked everywhere but all in vain. I wanted Chin to have that diamond ring but I lost it and now I don’t have the money to purchase another because I already invested most of the money in a house for us. 


Later that day, my friend called me from the hardware shop. I had some documents in the shop so he asked me to pick them up. I went down to the hardware store and immediately all the memories flashed right in front of me.  I remembered how Chin came to the store for handles and knobs and suddenly, I saw the diamond embedded knob on the shelf. 


I immediately remembered how much Chin liked it and I now have the crazy idea of proposing Chin with this diamond embedded knob. 


So I immediately purchased it and ran to the house where Chin was. Chin was surprised to see me at this time and asked why I was in such a hurry. I sat down on one knee and proposed to her with the knob. She screamed and we both cried hugging each other. It was the best day of our lives. 


However, a bit later she saw the ring as it was a bit uncomfortable and realized it was a knob and not a right. She became puzzled and angry how I ruined the moment. She told me that she wasn’t expecting anything expensive at all but why a knob. 


And then I told her everything about how I lost the ring and how she liked this knob when we first met but couldn’t buy it because it was out of stock at that time. All the memories rushed in her mind and she immediately hugged me and cried. She told me how lucky she is to have me in her life. Not gonna lie, I cried too. 


She asked me not to buy any ring as this diamond embedded knob is the best gift she ever received. We put down a huge order for these diamond embedded knobs and other hardware at Geortree for our new house. 


We moved into our new house and the handles and knobs immediately reflect all the memories. The hardware is the jewellery of the house carrying all of our lovely memories.