Have you considered remodeling your old cabinet hardware? Are your cabinets exhibiting signs of wear? Or perhaps you have old hardware and would like to replace them with modern, attractive, and efficient equipment. Cabinet hardware  renovation may be an expensive endeavor. You don’t want to spend all that money just to have trends shift in a few years, leaving your (still-new) cabinet hardware obsolete. The obvious choice is to find cabinet hardware that will never go out of style so that you won’t have to change every time the trends changes. There are a few classics that will never go obsolete.

Antique handles and knobs

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Antique pulls are timeless designs that withstand the test of time. They are never old fashioned because they always have that fresh look. Antique handles and knobs appear classy yet elegant. They often have bronze finishes which give them a rusty appearance. These Iconic designs date back to many years. Antique handles and knobs will always be trendy no matter how may years pass. You do not have to worry about the vintage appearance

Stainless steel handles and knobs

Brushed Nickel bar pull

Stainless steel material is by far a popular choice by many home owners. Kitchen cabinets usually have these types of cabinet hardware. Stainless steel handles and knobs are effortless and a classic. They are minimal designs that obscure the design of the cabinet. Stainless steel has been around for quite some time and exhibits no signs of disappearing. People prefer Stainless steel cabinet hardware because it does not age quickly or show any signs of cracking. It is cost efficient choice compared to its counterparts.


Trends will come and go but these two designs came to stay.Picking out timeless cabinet hardware is the only way to go. Furthermore, It will save you money and a whole lot of work of renovating and changing hardware seasonally.