The Matte Black finish  is a confident and advanced finish for contemporary cabinet hardware. It may be a distinguishing design feature that has the power to change a whole area – boosting the mood and freshening the environment of your home. As its name suggests, matte black cabinet hardware comes in a refined black color. Moreover, There is something about that suggests that this is a very elegant and aesthetically pleasing choice of cabinet hardware. However, like with any trend, there are always advantages and disadvantages to the finish you pick for your cabinet hardware.  This is a compiled a list of them for your consideration.

The advantages of matte black cabinet hardware

1. Matte black literally blends with anything.

Black, like clothes fashion, will go with almost anything, regardless of the color and style of your project. Black looks great with white, blue, natural wood, stone, marble, and neutral color schemes. Matte black door hardware is popular in modern and industrial settings, but it may also be seen in classic and Hampton-style settings.

2. Extremely Aesthetically pleasing

We’re so used to seeing metallic finishes on our doors that we find ourselves pausing to look at black since it’s much sleeker and far from the usual. If you’re remodeling, replacing your cabinet hardware to black is an easy way to alter your home’s interior from drab to striking and elegant. Black cabinet hardware may be quite visually appealing. Pulls and knobs with matte black finish are extremely elegant and classy.

If you want to make a statement with your cabinet hardware but don’t want to go overboard, black door hardware may be precisely what you’re looking for. Most projects benefit from the addition of black cabinet knobs and accessories. Black is a very strong color, yet it can also be elegant and delicate when combined with the proper materials.

3.  Handles won’t show any traces of finger prints

Cabinet hardware has been shown to be the most touched item in a home. Fingerprints on a black handle are far less noticeable than on chrome door furnishings. It is easy to maintain these handles because they will not show any signs of being dirty. There is nothing a wet cloth will not clean out.  Furthermore, the matte black cabinet hardware will not lose color quickly over time. It will maintain the sleek and elegant black color.

If the color is fading, it is easier to re-paint matte black handles or knobs.

The Disadvantages

1. Color will fade over time

After a period of time, the glorious black matte finish will start to vanish slowly by slowly. It will leave your cabinet hardware looking so unrefined and old.

Wipe your black door knobs with a wet cloth on a regular basis to prevent fading. From a hygienic standpoint, this should be done on a regular basis anyhow, and it will go a long way toward delaying the fading process.

2. It shows signs of scratches

Although matte black handles and knobs are very sleek, they tend to show scratches. These scratches tend to be signs that they are aging.