Knobs and handles are two divergent components of cabinet hardware.  We are frequently asked about the distinction between the two. Although knobs and handles are very different in actuality, their similarity lies in their  capacity to help maintain the finish of cabinet hardware. With 10 year experience in cabinet handle and knob production, our team is more than qualified to help our customers grasp the knowledge about the right kind of cabinet hardware suitable for their homes. Based on design, the choice between handles and knobs can either break or make a room. This is why basic knowledge of the functionality of handles and knobs is important in giving your home that finishing look.

Handles (on the left) and knobs (on the right) are two types of cabinet hardware finishing components. Our firm manufactures a wide range of high-quality knobs and handles.


Get to know your Knobs

When designing your hardware, it is best to choose which kind of finish will be suitable for your home and style. You are going to want to first know which knobs are currently on the trend. Your cabinet hardware setting can be modern or vintage but it should always follow the trend. Knobs have the longest history and are a popular option for Vintage styled homes. However, with all of the advancements in material, style, and design, they may also provide an appealing element inside both modern and contemporary cabinet hardware for homes.

Knobs are round shaped and are traditionally used for cabinet doors. Knobs are easier to install because they usually just one drill hole. This is a benefit to using knobs. in addition, knobs are simple finishes and they do not take the attention away from the cabinet design; it complements the design.

In an emergency, not having enough grip to open a door might be dangerous. The disadvantages of utilizing knobs are that they loosen more easily than handles  and on cabinet doors that are adjacent to each other, your fingers can get stuck between them. We have a broad variety of knob styles available, including trendy drawer dresser diamond glass knobs, crystal cabinet drawer knobs, and even Chinese styled cabinet knobs. Not to add that those or knobs are reasonably priced too.


The expert guide to Handles


The quality of your hardware finishes will influence the overall ambience and beauty of your home. It is also decided by how well your hardware accessories complement the primary components. Knobs or Handles? Details are very important. The former, highlights the functionality of knobs. Unlike knobs, handles are traditionally used for drawers. Pulls and hanldes will naturally give a better grip, assisting people with varying degree of strength and agility. Much like door knobs, there are a multitude of various designs and finishes to choose from, with alternatives to fit every kind of cabinet hardware design. They will, nevertheless, seem more contemporary than door knobs. High-quality cabinet handles will enhance the visual value of your cabinet hardware. Not only that, but it also improves the aesthetic appeal and overall aspect of the home. Handle designs will complement a wide range of interior styles. The trick is to match the handles to the rest of the interior décor of a home. If not, even if it appears to be a little feature, it may throw off the overall aesthetic of the space. Trying out different pull handles and styles is a more definite technique of guaranteeing that it has the most aesthetic value. We recommended that our clients select from our extensive stock of high-quality handles and pulls suited for a wide range of applications.