Handles and knobs are hardware components that are clasped in the hand and manipulated to perform a service. The main purpose of a handle or a knob is to push or pull cabinets doors and drawers.

We all know that there are various types of handles and knobs, but probably not their names. It may be difficult to locate some types of handles and knobs if you do not know their names. Fortunately, websites provide the many sorts of handles as well as an explanation of how they appear.

This article will give a full description of the types of handles so that it will be easier for you the next time you go to a hardware store.

Handles by shape

Handles are made in various shapes and sizes to improve their appearance, design and overall functionality. All handles have their own special kind of expertise not shared with others. Depending on what your cabinet hardware needs, you can select which ever you deem more useful. There exists 6 types of Handles classified according to shape. Those are: Cup Pulls, Finger Pulls, Arch pulls, Handle pulls, Bar Pulls, and knobs.

Handle Description
1. Cup Pull


Cup pulls are simple, yet modern pull designs that are ideal for cabinet home décor since it is widely held that simplicity is the ultimate refinement. The Cup pull has smooth curves and a classic design that provides the perfect informal ambience for a residence.
2. Finger Pull

They have an impeccable reputation for strength, durability, and long service life. They are recommended for use as cabinet hardware in the kitchen and bathroom. Their robust and round corner shape contributes to their safety and functionality. The edges of Finger Pulls are made of a material that is ideal for modern home décor. These pulls will aid in the development of a trendy look.
3. Arch Pulls



Arch pulls look great on drawer cabinets. Also, Arch pulls have a welcoming look that draws attention to the cabinets. Pulls have elegant designs that give beauty, durability, and maximum versatility, providing a distinct appeal to any cabinet hardware.

4. Handle Pulls


Handle Pulls are the most well-known types of pulls; they are made of the highest quality materials and are timeless decorative materials that can be used in any new home.  Consider zinc alloy, brass, or brushed nickel handle pulls for a one-of-a-kind look in your kitchen.
5. Bar Pulls

In modern homes, bar pulls are ideal for cabinet hardware. They come in brushed brass, matte black, and brushed nickel finishes. These bar pulls are available in a range of lengths and complement flat panel or shaker cabinet doors.
6. Knobs

Door knobs are a popular type of keyed entrance hardware that has a conventional appearance and operation. They have a latch that disengages when the knob is turned. When the knob is locked, the latch cannot be removed from the outside without the use of a key.

Handles By Material

Cabinet hardware is also classified according to Material it is made from.  Furthermore, There exists Four types of handles classified by the materials. Those are Stainless steel Handles, Ceramic Handles, Zinc alloy handles and Aluminium handles.

Stainless steel Handles are by far the Most common ones on the market. Moreover, When  you visit someone’s house, chances are you will find stainless steel handles. Although they last for a long time, they are not as effortless as their counterparts. Ceramic handles, on the other hand are antique handles with beautiful designs. They are modern and very appealing.

Zinc alloy and Aluminium handles are also individualistic handles that are popular and used for various cabinet hardware.