There are several significant decisions to be made in the process of making a house a home, ranging from lighting to paint. With all of these moving elements, it might be difficult to remember that design is also in the details. And hardware is a minor aspect that may easily be overlooked.

However, the perfect knob or pull may have a significant aesthetic impact, enhancing the area in an easy and uncomplicated manner. And when you consider how many times cabinet hardware is utilized in regular tasks, it becomes obvious that the value and delight that a well-made piece of hardware offers is well worth the cost.

Selecting Decorative hardware

Your hardware should match the design of your kitchen, but it should also be pleasant to manipulate. So, while selecting whether to use a knob or a pull, personal choice is crucial. Obtain a sample of the knobs or pulls you intend to purchase. Test them out against a cabinet drawer or door to see how they feel in your palm. Does it provide the perfect grip for you?

To add aesthetic design to a kitchen, combine knobs and pulls. Use drawer pulls and knobs on the doors, or vice versa. Simply pick one pull design and one complementing knob style, and keep the finish consistent across the kitchen. For a more uniform design, use the same style of hardware finish throughout the kitchen.

Proper placement of cabinet handles

When choosing on the size of a knob or pull for your kitchen cabinetry, consider proportion, balance, aesthetics, and function. For optimal operation, an over-sized cabinet door or drawer requires a big piece of hardware. For a smaller door or drawer, a smaller knob or pull is acceptable.

Pulls are often placed horizontally on drawers and vertically on doors. For a streamlined aesthetic, try putting the handles on the doors horizontally in modern kitchens. Consider how you want the knobs and pulls to be positioned before they are firmly connected to the cabinets, regardless of the design of your kitchen.

Knobs are attached to a door or drawer with a single screw through a single concentrated entrance point. Pulls are attached to a door or drawer with two screws that go through two points of contact. Before any holes are drilled, make sure you provide specific directions so they know the sort of handle to place on each cabinet door or drawer.

Consistency is key, therefore make sure the handles are placed right on each cabinet to ensure coherency.

Consider the Aesthetic of the hardware

There exists many styles of hardware like contemporary and traditional. The type of hardware you select should blend in with the whole house. Contemporary styles are elegant and modern while traditional gives off  a vintage vibe.

Choose appropriate metal materials

Kitchen cabinet hardware is available in a wide variety of materials — most of which are metal alloys. Choose materials based on the properties. Properties like rust proof, corrosion resistance and durability. If the material fits all criteria, then consider purchasing it.

Select a finish

After you’ve decided on the type, size, style, and material of your kitchen cabinet hardware, you can focus on selecting the perfect finish. There are several finishes to select from, including polished, brushed, satin, matte, burnished, oil-rubbed, antique, aged, and painted.