Have you ever glanced at your cabinet and realized that the knobs or pulls are not adjacent? It might be difficult to ensure that your cabinet knobs and pulls are properly positioned.

That is why Geortree has created a pull installation template to assist you add the final touch to your cabinet hardware.

The geortree cabinet knob and pull template is carefully designed to aid you to install knobs and pulls at home efficiently and easily. The Geotree pull installation template is a modern design that allows flexibility in knob placement and pull placement.

It is usually used on the door of cabinet hardware. This template is made from the finest and durable plastic and steel materials with molded lines that facilitate the installation process.

The Installation process

It is easier to use on door cabinets since it ensures consistency and adjacency when drilling holes for pull and knob installation. You will find step-by-step instructions on the back of each of product package.

The template has been designed to accommodate center to center pole width at varying lengths.

Moreover, Knob mounting can be both adjusted horizontally and vertically. For knob mounting, align the template on the corner of the door mark the desired hole location with a pencil. The template has  a clear smoky finish that allows users to see through for enhanced usability.

Also, This product is designed for use with any knob and common pull sizes up to 5-1/16 inches(128 millimetre) center-to-center. The packaging include a 3/6 inch(5 millimetre) standard drill bit to ensure correctly sized mounting holes. This template allows for easy installation of pulls up to a maximum center to center measurement of 5-1/16 inch.

The pull installation template makes it easier for everyone to use without the need for calling professionals. It can be used on furniture hardware in your kitchens, bathrooms, home offices and living rooms. Pull and knob installation Is made easier.