Uh, pulls or knobs? This is one of the most contentious cabinet hardware issues. The issue becomes much more heated when it comes to drawers. It is difficult to pick between drawer knobs and pulls since several variables must be considered. However, functionality is at the top of the list of considerations.

There used to be a guideline to follow when choosing kitchen cabinet hardware. You’d use knobs on all doors and drawer pulls on all drawers. However, there are so many hardware options and combinations available today that we can design almost any appearance you choose. Let’s have a look at the advantages and disadvantages of each option.There are no hard and fast guidelines to follow when deciding whether to use a knob, a pull, or both. It all relies on the buyer’s taste and preferences. When selecting cabinet hardware for drawers, consider both the visual aesthetics and usefulness of the handles and knobs. The customer makes the decision to purchase drawer pulls and knobs.

Both options have advantages and disadvantages. Here is a list of the pros and cons.

Knobs for Drawers


The Pros

  1. Knobs provide better grip: For drawers, knobs are well known for the grip they provide. This implies that knobs are better than pulls in away  because they are not at all hard to operate. Grip is a very important factor to consider when purchasing cabinet hardware.
  2. Knobs have subtle designs. Minimalist colors are known for the minimalist designs. In fact, knobs are able to blend in with the cabinet designs because of their subtle round shape . It will not attract all the attention away from the cabinets. Knobs have a better visual appearance an aesthetic. They appear to be more elegant compared to other types of cabinet hardware for drawers. In other words, you can never go wrong with knobs.
  3. When you use a knob to open a door or drawer, you use your thumb and one or two fingers while rotating your hand. That may be more comfortable for some folks. Knobs are very simple to clean and do not draw attention to themselves in a tiny kitchen.

The cons

The disadvantage is that they loosen more readily than other types of hardware, and you can get your fingers stuck between cabinet doors that are adjacent to each other.

Pulls for drawers

The advantage

Pulls were originally meant to be used on drawers. Pulls are the contemporary choice for drawers because they are available in multiple styles. One is not limited to one design. For people who prefer style over basic, pulls are the clear choice. Pulls also provide good grip for drawers. For larger drawers, pulls are the better option. However, pulls on small drawers does not look good AT ALL. Comfort and ease of use is very important.

The disadvantage

The disadvantages of pulls include the fact that they must be cleaned more frequently and might be distracting if the appropriate finish is not chosen.

Compared to knobs, pulls require high maintenance because they will show any traces of dirt or scratches. This is one big disadvantage to choosing pulls.

All in all, I also prefer to utilize knobs on tiny cabinets where pulls would be too much. The key to all of these suggestions is to select the hardware that is most suited to how you want to utilize your drawers. drawers vary in size, therefore choose the appropriate cabinet hardware. Visual aesthetic and coherence should matter, however remember that comfort is just as essential as appearance!

If you can’t decide on either, you can always mix and match all the cabinet hardware, be ware of the coherence and functionality!