What is a dresser without its hardware? Handles and knobs are like jewelry , they are the bling factors to dressers. Dressers come in different styling for different rooms. Selecting cabinet hardware for dressers is more different that other furniture because these require extra attention. When choosing hardware, you have to factor in the functionality and aesthetic of the handles and knobs you want to choose.

Some Dressers are tall and that might require you to choose an increased number of handles or pulls. Choosing is not difficult if you know exactly what to look  for. This is the ultimate guideline to help you choose the finest handles and knobs for your dressers. These are ten of the best options for cabinet hardware with a description on where to use them.


Chinese Ceramic zamak brass handle

You know you need unique hardware in your home. The Chinese ceramic zamak handles have just been released to the market. They are still fresh and new because not many people have them. Be the first to purchase these! Furthermore, these pulls and handles are made from strong metal to guarantee durability and efficiency. Their rusty metal color paired with the white ceramic is the perfect blend of elegance and design will give your dresser a complete look.

Aluminium & Zinc Alloy pull up bar handle

I found these on Geortree’s catalog. I absolutely ADORE these. They come in black and gold colors. They are classy and will elevate the look in any room. In addition, these handles are perfect for white dressers. My favorite thing about these handles is the gold coat color. There is something about gold, that screams fancy and a must have.

Designer Gold handles

A Handle is the perfect spice- it complements what already there. These designer gold handles are minimalist handles that will accentuate the design of the dresser. They are so beautiful and will not show any signs of aging any time soon.

Traditional Style handle Pull

If you are looking for a vintage aesthetic, These traditional style handles are the way to go. They are a mix of vintage and classy. Moreover, these handles are very cost efficient. These handles can be matched with white dressers to achieve maximum results. I absolutely adore the fact that they provide the perfect grip.

New Arrival Aluminium alloy handles

I came across these beautiful pieces and they are quickly gaining popularity. These are new designs that minimalist and at the same time very elegant. These pulls and knobs are perfect for white dressers. Moreover, These handles are the new trend. I love that the handles come with different style option of the same material. You can mix and match them to bring your designer game to the next level. You can never go wrong with these.

Glass drill Handle

There is no such thing as too much bling! Glass drill handles are out of this world handles that will make your dresser look like a million dollars. Adding these glass drill handles to your dressers will transform the look of not only the dresser, but also the whole room in general. If you do not believe in the art of subtle decoration, this is the right handles for you. This cabinet hardware will pull attention towards the beauty of your dressers.


If you are looking to renovate or buy a whole new dresser, consider these handles and knobs for your handles, This list of top 6 new designs that will not only look nice, but also last a long time. This is an exclusive list of cabinet hardware that should be a necessity for your dressers!