The issue with stereotypes is that they are frequently incorrect. There are numerous, yet erroneous, stereotypes regarding cabinet hardware. Many individuals struggle to make sound decisions concerning cabinet hardware due to a lack of accurate information. Not only are these preconceptions inaccurate, but they also affect our decisions about which cabinet hardware to choose.

There has always been a lot of false information about cabinet hardware. This is the moment to correct all of the misinformation. My suggestion is to only trust the information you receive from cabinetry professionals.

#1 cabinet hardware bought online is fake

This is probably the worst on the list of stereotypes. I have some folks say that online purchasing is a big old joke because the quality of knobs or pulls is extremely poor. Well, this is very wrong. It is not fair to assume that only physical hardware stores have the best quality. I have come to understand that both online and offline stores are meant to provide the same quality of material.

This stereotype is ridiculously false because online bought hardware is good quality. All it takes is to find good dealers who manufacture excellent quality pulls and knobs.

Physical hardware stores are also very okay to purchase because you get to see the product you want to purchase. The misconception is caused by the disbelief that purchasing is based on a couple of pictures.


#2 You can not mix and match knobs and pulls

Although mix and matching cabinet hardware is a current trend, it has not yet caught on in some households. Knobs and pulls can be mixed together to get a coherent looking aesthetic.

It is not as straightforward as following a recipe to design a home or living space. There are always a surprising amount of options to make, and selecting the proper knobs and pulls for cabinets is frequently something that surprises people. Therefore, The possibilities for design, size, and finish are endless, and many kitchens require a well-thought-out combination of knobs, handles, and other hardware to express the ideal mood.

So, how do you combine your hardware in such a way that everything makes functional sense while still being attractive and well-organized. A lot of it will ultimately come down to personal preference and comfort, but here are some principles to assist simplify the decision-making process.

#3 Antique handles and knobs are outdated

Antique handles and knobs are not outdated cabinet hardware. They are just vintage style handles and knobs. Antique cabinet hardware is classy and elegant. Furthermore, antique handles and pulls are modern. Although they date back in olden times, antique handles and knobs are quickly gaining popularity in modern homes. Do yourself a favor and get antique handles for your kitchen cabinets and other cabinetry in your home.

Also, Antique handles should not be stereotyped because they are effortlessly and timelessly beautiful. If you own them, you would know the tons of comments from friends and family. In addition, You would never go wrong with Antique cabinet hardware.