Home cabinetry hardware  is one of the most precious components in your home. Your knobs and handles should always be in perfect condition.  Whether you choose kitchen or bathroom cabinets, reviving outdated cabinetry will save you money and give your home a new look. Cabinet updates may increase the value of your house and make it more appealing to potential purchasers if your looking to sell it. Even if you aren’t planning on relocating, you will want to spend more time in your kitchen and bathroom once you have new cabinets.


  • Re-polish cabinet hardware: Consider giving existing cabinets a new coat of paint in a high-quality semi-gloss or high-gloss finish. Make sure the cabinets have been scrubbed to remove the previous finish/stain. For the best results, consult a home improvement retailer or a cabinet manufacturer about your unique type of cabinet.
  • Change cabinet  hardware: Some cabinet hardware can not be revived. Despite all your efforts, it might be time to change your knobs and pulls. Refer to the cabinet hardware  installation template for guidelines on how install new cabinet hardware. Cabinet hardware pulls and knobs may offer your cabinets a new appearance and usefulness without replacing the physical door. Choose hardware made of contemporary metals such as brushed chrome, nickel, copper, or stainless steel. The styles range from simple, narrow door pulls to complex, curved oblong knobs.
  • Keep regular Maintenance: Keep regular maintenance of the cabinet hardware in your home. It might require using a cloth to wipe of any dirt. However, some people prefer to use store bought cleaning materials. That is also okay! Regularly clean your knobs and pulls, this adds more value to the beauty of knobs and handles in your home.
  • Re-screw knobs and pulls to the cabinet: Handles and knob screws get looser over a period of time. It is important to re attach the loose screws together. sometimes the handles and knobs might fall off. Thus, change the screws if it is necessary. Loose screws that are freely rampaging around might be dangerous  to not only children, but also the elderly. In addition, knobs and pulls might slow down functionality of the cabinet.


Keep your cabinet hardware intact and clean. Maintain that fresh new look your knobs and handles had when you bought them. The above are three ways to keep cabinet hardware handles in perfect condition all the time. Do not clean your cabinets and forget about cabinet hardware.