Every time, the cabinet hardware is replaced. Some cabinet hardware trends shift from time to time as new designs are developed. I concentrated on cabinet hardware while researching 2021 kitchen trends for this blog post. Modern, sleek hardware styles are still popular and look to be here to stay. Here are some current cabinet hardware design trends, as well as some roundups of what consumers are really buying. It’s fascinating to observe where they intersect; homeowners aren’t always buying into the same trends as interior designers.  Moreover, I’ll tell you where you can SHOP for new cabinet hardware. Continue reading to find out more!


Cabinet hardware trends This August

  1. Chinese ceramic cabinet handle
  2. Chinese ceramic wardrobe knob
  3. Zinc Alloy Polished cabinet Handle
  4. Contemporary Style Polished Handle

Chinese Ceramic cabinet handle

The Chinese Ceramic handle is a  new design that is quickly gaining popularity this August. I absolutely LOVE these handles because they have unique style that is modern and contemporary with a dash of antique Chinese style. The Chinese ceramic cabinet handle is made of ceramic handles which allows it to be a durable material. These handles are the definition of beautiful handles and pulls. They have the ability to elevate the look of any cabinet and the whole room at large. The aesthetic appeal of these zamak cabinet handles is to die for!

I paired mine with a white kitchen cabinet and ever since then my kitchen has a brightened  up look.

Chinese Ceramic Wardrobe knob

The Chinese ceramic material is now a thing! Get yourself these new styles for August because they are absolutely the best designs for your cabinets. I prefer knobs for wardrobes to compared to handles and pulls because they provide better grip for me. Moreover, knobs are very convenient to use because they do not show the dirt or any traces of scratches.

I recently bought these Chinese ceramic knobs for the wardrobes in my room. This is a contemporary styled knob made from Ceramic and Zinc material.

Zinc Alloy Polished cabinet handle

As August approaches, make sure to purchase yourself some new cabinet hardware that will outlast the trend while also being attractive patterns for your cabinet. These new designs are on the top of the must-have list this year. They have a unique polishes that will accentuate the design of the cabinet. If you are looking for minimal and elegant designs for your kitchen cabinet, These are the right ones for you.

Contemporary style Polish handle

Whether you are looking to upgrade your cabinets or looking to buy new ones, the contemporary style polish handle are the ultimate choice. They are unique and style handles with a clean, sleek and beautiful aesthetic. I absolutely LOVE that the handles come with the gold and matte black color. These handles are elegant and contemporary designs that are going to set the new trend for cabinet hardware this August.

All in all, these four designs are the ultimate trend setter for this August. Do not miss out on getting these cabinet hardware from Geortree catalog.