Choosing metals for your company or home may be tricky. Furniture, kitchen and bathroom fixtures, and décor all have varied aesthetic and durability needs. Stainless steel is one of the most popular materials used to make handles for cabinet hardware. Whether you’re looking for a ball handle, a teardrop handle, or any other style of handle, stainless steel is likely to be available.

However, Stainless steel handles are not always the better option. Below is a list to explain why I don’t recommend stainless steel handles.

1. The cost of Stainless steel handles

While stainless steel handles aren’t exceptionally pricey, they are more expensive than other materials’ handles. Handles constructed of plastic and other comparable synthetic materials are available. These handles are generally less expensive than stainless steel equivalents.

2. The weight stainless steel handles carry is too much

The weight of stainless steel handles is a possible disadvantage. Handles made of stainless steel generally weigh more than those made of other materials. Because they are denser and heavier than most other materials, they tend to weigh more. If weight is an issue, consider using a different material for the handle.

3. Stainless steel handles are difficult to maintain

Stainless steel handles are the most difficult type of cabinet hardware to keep intact.  It reveals all of the smudges. It is well knowledge that stainless steel handles leave fingerprint evidence as though they are prepared to establish a case. Fortunately, this secret component can prevent the majority of such prints. Furthermore, they reveal every smear and filth. If you have children, you will have to clean several times each day.

4. Not 100% corrosion resistant

Stainless steel handles are not 100% corrosion resistant. The handles are prone to rust and being affected by external influences like moisture. Although stainless steel is a strong metal for handles and knobs, they are very likely to corrode and lose color over a period of time.

5. Limited finish options

A major drawback for choosing stainless steel is that it is available in a limited choice of finishes. Stainless steel handles are undeniably stylish, but the hardware fittings are too limited.

6. Stainless steel handles stain easily

Any Stainless Steel has a natural occurrence of spilling fluids (tea for example), which is a  discoloration of the stainless steel surface.
This is a minor issue that has no bearing on the structural or operational integrity of the handle, nor does it shorten the lifespan of the material, but it does give your kitchen cabinets and other cabinet hardware an unappealing appearance.

7. Stainless steel handles are going out style

Stainless handles have been used for many decades now, it is time for change. Modern home no longer opt for stainless steel handles because there are new alternatives that are much more cost-efficient.

8. Does not match many cabinet colors

Stainless steel handles have a very sharp color. Furthermore, sharp colors are very difficult to match with cabinet hardware in one’s home. Stainless steel handles have a limited color choices that can be matched with it.

9. Not suitable for outdoor cabinetry

Indoors, stainless components are a fantastic choice, but they will not last outside.

10.  Stainless steel handles are made from heavy metal

Stainless steel handles are made from heavy metal. this implies tat they are not easy to operate. certain groups of people like the old and the young children might find it hard to open and close the handles.

All in all, Stainless steel handles are undeniably popular, and with cause. They are corrosion resistant, nonmagnetic, and have a high level of aesthetics. Having said that, stainless steel handles are generally more expensive and heavier than other types of handles. By being acquainted with these benefits and drawbacks, you can evaluate whether a stainless steel handle is suitable for you.