Whether you’re designing your kitchen or planning a budget-friendly remodel, the kitchen hardware you pick should not be a hasty decision made at the last minute.

Consider the hardware to be the jewels of your clothing. Earrings and necklaces can make or break an outfit, and picking the proper cabinet hardware can transform your kitchen from basic to high-end.

I bet that putting these decisions off until the last minute is stressful. There are several options, particularly when it comes to kitchen cabinet hardware; especially since trends keep on changing and it is hard to keep up with the trend.

Modern, sleek hardware styles are still popular and look to be here to stay.

Moreover, Here are some current cabinet hardware design trends, as well as some collections of what consumers are really buying. It’s interesting to observe where they intersect.


       1. Zinc Alloy Ceramic Classical Furniture Drawer Handle Pull Cabinet Handle

This is definitely the most luxurious type of handle. It is used as a furniture handles and knob for kitchen, Bathrooms, Home offices, living room and Bedroom cabinet hardware decor.

The handle is a mixture of antique brown and chrome flash colors. It is a modern contemporary design and is usually used a push pull decoration.

   2. Zinc Alloy Simple Style Clover lobed knobs

Furniture Dresser Drawer Knob Pull Cabinet Handle Cupboard for kitchen Home, Bathroom and living room space.

Although the style is simple, this knob gives of a bigger statement because of its contemporary design.

     3. Square bar Pulls

Square bar pulls, particularly in matte black, are also quite popular. These Square bar Pulls is stainless Steel Modern Hardware for Kitchen Bathroom Cabinets Cupboard.


  1. Modern Finger Pulls.

Wholesale Modern Embedded Finger Pull Dress Drawer Wardrobe Handle Furniture Metal Square Chrome Handle Knob for Kitchen cabinet hardware.

The finger pull is a polished push pull design with a modern European finish for cabinet hardware made from zinc-alloy copper material.

5. Hollow-curved Drawer Knob

Simple Style Hollow-carved Zinc Alloy Furniture Drawer Knob Pull Cabinet Handle Cupboard for Kitchen Home and  Bathroom

The hollow-curved  drawer knobs is a contemporary simple multi-color Center to center 96 millimetre.

6.  New wear resistant Zinc Alloy Drawer Pulls

These newly listed wear resistant zinc alloy drawer pulls for dressers and wardrobe. They are modern  Farmhouse design with customizable Center to center measurements.

7.  New listing designer Knobs

These are new designer durable Zinc Alloy Door Knobs for Cabinets for Dresser and Wardrobe .

These knobs are used kitchens,, Bathrooms, Home offices, living room and bedroom.

Also, they give cabinet hardware a minimalist and Modern look.

    8. Black Brass Antique Handle

For so long, brass was ignored. Of course, the bright, tarnished brass from our childhood homes looks nothing like the antique and satin finishes available today.

Also, Black brass antique handles are sturdy and adaptable in today’s modern house.

  9. Zinc-Alloy Polished Handle Pull

The Zinc-Alloy is a modern contemporary pull handle that used on cabinet hardware, drawers and dressers. They are minimalist and give off a very classic and chic design.

10.  Brushed nickel handles

Brushed nickel is a timeless finish that works well for both kitchen and bathroom hardware. It is unquestionably a secure choice that will not need to be updated very soon.

      11. Center To Center Bar Pull 


If you like things to be simple, these stainless steel bar pulls are perfect for you.

Also, These basic bar pulls, designed with clean lines for utility and a low-key aesthetic, have been featured in modern kitchen designs for well over a decade at this time, serving as both drawer and cabinet hardware depending on the size.

  12. Zinc and crystal knobs

The most lavish knobs are made of zinc and crystal. If you have a monochromatic kitchen design and want to “bling up” the entire home.

13. Center to center Bar pull

This trendy cabinet hardware, finished in dazzling satin nickel, will look great in any contemporary kitchen design.

These bar pulls protrude into the room for a subtle touch on more toned-down kitchen cabinets and drawers. They are simple with a curved shape for easy handling.

14. Crystal Cabinet Drawer knobs


Crystal cabinet knobs are one of the most traditional knob types you’ll ever come across, and they’ve stood the test of time.
Smaller kitchen cabinets and wall cabinets are most suited.
These knobs would look great in a clean, modern kitchen.

15. Cup Pull

Black white raw steel cup pulls are a typical sight in transitional and classic style kitchens.

Moreover, When combined with a white shaker style cabinet or old-fashioned drawers, these cup pulls add a touch of drama and old-school elegance to your kitchen.