According to the English Oxford dictionary, A knob is a round handle for opening and closing a door. There is more to know about knobs apart from its push and pull functions. Knobs are often regarded as a more refined option to cabinet hardware. Because of its sophisticated nature(of using it to manipulate doors), knobs are quite the sensation. Many people prefer knobs because of its various functions. Dating back from the time they were invented, knobs have never lost their popularity compared to other types. Furthermore, More knob designs are still being invented and manufactured till this very day.

This article will present a collection of odd facts regarding knobs that you should be aware of!

Knobs are easy to install

Compared to pulls, knobs require less time and effort to install to cabinets. Knobs have only one screw that is needed to attach to cabinets. Even a non professional furniture repair person can install the knobs easily. All that one needs is a few materials and the installation template. Fortunately, there are a lot of helpful tutorial available to learn from.

Also, Fixing the broken cabinet hardware or upgrading to new ones is not at all difficult.  You just have to DIY it.

Knobs were first made in the USA

Door knobs have been used for centuries all throughout the world, but the first door knob was created in the United States in the middle of the nineteenth century. American doorknob designs and materials have evolved over time, with the first door knobs made of wood in colonial times, utilizing a basic system of latches and strings.

Knobs are originally designed for doors

The original intent for knobs was to open and close cabinet doors and other types of doors. Today, Knobs are used on drawers and dressers. However much this is unusual this works as well. Knobs are used on all types of cabinetry , it no longer has a limit to where it can be used.

Wooden knobs are the most popular

Compared to materials, Wooden materials are more trendy because they are believed to be vintage and effortlessly beautiful.


Knobs are rarely dirty

Easy Maintenance is key to choosing cabinet hardware. Knobs are rarely show signs of being dirty. It might be because of their design. They are designed to conceal the unappealing dirt. Even though they are dirty, there is nothing that a wet cloth won’t fix.