A piece’s original hardware tells a backstory. It lends individuality to a work that is difficult to replicate! I usually attempt to refinish the hardware instead of replacing it when refurbishing furniture. Here’s a step-by-step tutorial on properly repairing furniture hardware!

Is there a correct way? refinishing furniture Is more than just slapping some spray paint on the hardware and calling it a day. Just a few weeks later, the spray paint begins to flake, necessitating the search for a better technique to refinish furniture hardware. There are ways to paint hardware and make it survive via trial and error. As a result, by repairing furniture hardware correctly the first time, you may profit from errors.

Here’s what you’ll need to refine you cabinet hardware:

  1. Spray Paint
  2. Spray sealer
  3. Spray primer

Get the cabinet hardware ready

The first step in refinishing furniture hardware is to smooth the surface to provide a solid foundation. Smooth out the surface the hardware to clean off the previous paint. This provides a surface for the paint to adhere to while also removing any flakes or flaking off the hardware.

If the handles have already been painted, I wouldn’t advise trying to paint over them again. That’s a formula for peeling paint. Try to first remove the old paint.

Clean the hardware

Before painting hardware, it must be well cleaned. Handles are often handled, which causes a buildup of oils. Any oil left on the hardware may prevent the paint from bonding properly and cause problems down the line.

Polishing hardware

Before you start painting, give the can a good shake. 8-12 inches away, apply thin, uniform layers of primer. Drips will occur if your coatings are too thick. Leave the polish to dry for a few hours

Paint the hardware

There are so many fantastic paint possibilities for nearly any finish you can think of. You have the option of using a solid color, Metallic Gold, or Oil Rubbed Bronze.
Use a spray paint with the smoothest finish.  The final step is to preserve the paint once it has dried. Finish with a coat of paint sealer.