It’s odd how the simplest tasks in life can become so tough. Cabinet hardware selection should not be as complicated as it is! I’ve encountered folks who say they detest having to pick between handles and knobs. I’ve also encountered folks who believe that selecting cabinet hardware is as straightforward as riding a bike in a park. I suppose it all comes down to a person’s abilities. It is sometimes simple to delegate the task to a specialist.

My main fear about delegating to an expert is that he may have a completely different style than mine. There are a variety of reasons why one could find it difficult to select. I’ve reduced it down to only a few factors. You could discover that some of them speak to you. Continue reading to learn more about them!

Reasons why choosing hardware is challenging

1. The necessity to be a perfectionist

We all need our cabinet hardware to be sleek and perfect for our taste. However, one should not get caught in striving for perfectionism. Perfection is an illusion and a lie. I truly believe that there is nothing in this life that can be perfect. Cabinet hardware selection is an art form. An art that is never flawless, but always exquisite in its own way. Don’t be so hard on yourself while selecting pulls and knobs; instead, enjoy the entire process of selecting cabinet hardware. Sure, the various alternatives offered might be stressful. Be in it for the long haul and with the intention of winning and selecting the best.

2.Trends are always evolving.

Styles are ever evolving. What is relevant today will not relevant tomorrow. Personally,  I believe trend is a very important factor that should always be considered. The inability for trends to be constant makes it difficult to select pulls and knobs. What if I choose one kind of cabinet hardware today and it becomes obsolete the next day? So, what should I do? My best advise is to trust your instincts; chances are, they will never be incorrect regarding your actual choices. Trends come and go, but being trendy does not ensure that you will be satisfied with your overall appearance. Always be confident that your cabinet hardware choices are the right ones.

Furthermore, it is portable. When one keeps a portfolio of these excellent pulls and knobs that one likes. What I prefer to do is maintain a Pinterest board that I can refer to. It is simpler for me to stay up with trends, and I can refer to the boards when I wish to replace my cabinet hardware.

How to make your selection quicker

When all other items on cabinets have been made and the last one is cabinet hardware, It can be over-whelming to choose. Ever felt like the whole world is counting on you to make that one decision that will change the course of humanity? The pressure to choose cabinet hardware is similar to this feeling.

Grab the bulls by the horn. In simpler terms just make a quick decision and be firm with it. First get yourself a sizable list of handles and knobs that you like. The second step is to do a thorough screening to determine which ones go through to the next phase. Consult a group of friends and experts to give you context on which ones are better. The last step is to choose.

I advise you to make the selection before hand, this will give you enough time to look at various options. Do not let other people’s opinions crowd your judgment or your sense of style.