Did you know that it takes as little as 30 seconds for google to display results for any search? We live in a highly digitized era where we can find solutions to any question in the shortest period of time feasible. In this new digital world, data is everything. We have the ability to regulate the data that we send and receive. We can  learn what we need to know about every element of life, whether we are correct or incorrect. Cabinet hardware and its  accessories are no exception.

From the internet, You may discover how to reinstall broken knobs and pulls on the internet, as well as learn about the many varieties of knobs and pulls available. The list goes on and on. The internet is a strong tool that may be used to obtain the information that we seek.

Apart from the internet, there are  many other sources you might discover cabinet hardware trends from. This article will do a deep dive into the legit sources of information about cabinet hardware you should trust.

The internet(#1 reliable Source)

The internet as we know it is a wide web of information. There is nothing that exists in this world that you can’t google. Cabinet hardware trends are posted on various websites. Data is readily available, all you need is to know how to find the right information. Not everything you will read will appear to be ideal. After all, the websites  will display people’s opinions. Screening through these opinions will give you an insight into which ones are appropriate.

Furthermore, I particularly like to scroll through Pinterest to look for trends that I might like. Also, I have several boards on pinterest that are suggested to me on my account. I save these for future references. Whenever I decide to upgrade cabinet hardware on my kitchen cabinets, I use these ideas.

Another thing that I love to do is to scroll through hot sale products on online hardware websites. Hot sale products are the trendy new products. geortree is one of the top websites to look at. Hot sale products will always change, be sure to check time to time to stay updated.

Social Media websites will also help one to always know the trend. Look for influencers or Social media people to look for new trends. Instagram sensations will always keep you in the loop on what is new in cabinet hardware designs. In addition, bloggers will also help you notice the new trends.


The internet has a way of interconnecting people to share their experiences with various products. I usually read through reviews on the websites to get to know which products are better for me. Customers offer honest reviews about the handles and knobs. Recently, I learnt that stainless steel handles are not as durable as the sellers claim they are.

Old school is still cool too

There is nothing better than a stroll in your favorite local hardware store. Local hardware store managers have first hand information on the current trends. By profession, these people are more than qualified to give you recommendations on which pulls or knobs you should be buying.

Moreover, the advantage to going to local hardware stores yourself is that you get to see which handles and pulls suit your style.

If you want to get full description of the cabinet hardware products, pay a visit to the hardware stores.

However, I have a bias against going to local hardware stores. Some sellers will tell exaggerated information on some of the products just to get more  people to by their products. Online purchasing has more advantage compared to physical stores.

In conclusion, trust the internet-it has all the information you need!