Why do we need cabinet hardware? Why is cabinet hardware necessary? I can save some money by not buying any knobs or pulls!
Cabinet hardware adds the finishing touch to a cabinet’s look and usability. It’s the icing on the cake. Is it therefore necessary to own pulls and knobs?
While some people’s lives are made easier because they own pulls or knobs, it is also permitted to not have any cabinet hardware on your cabinets.
Depending on where you choose to place them,cabinet hardware prove to be more of an advantage than a disadvantage. Those who choose not to purchase cabinet hardware do it as an aesthetic or style of choice.
Here is a list of reasons to why you should definitely own cabinet hardware.

1. Cabinet hardware clearly define your style

Adding cabinet hardware to your kitchen or any other cabinets is a great opportunity to show off your taste and style. Since people prefer to pick out unique handles and knobs, owning cabinet hardware will accentuate the vibe you want your home, office or even living space to give off.

With so many different designs and finishes to select from, cabinet hardware is an excellent way to add a personal touch to your kitchen. When visitors arrive to my house, I want them to be impressed by my stylish, beautiful, yet modern style.

2. The push and Pull Function

Let us not forget that we purchase cabinet hardware to allow us to open and close cabinets. This is their primary or main role. Without these knobs and pulls, it would definitely be very hard to operate the cabinet doors.

Consider all the times your hands have desperately needed something from your cupboard. Opening the cabinets would take time and effort. Having a knob or pull is sometimes just easier. Furthermore, whether you have children or grandparents living with you, easy-to-grab hardware makes opening cabinets a breeze.

3. It is affordable to upgrade cabinet hardware

If new cabinets aren’t an option, a cost-effective approach to give your home¬† new yet subtle look is by altering your old hardware for something with a little more flare. With prices that are extremely affordable per knob or pull, changing your appearance may be ultra-affordable.

It is easier to get new cabinet hardware compared to getting new cabinets.

4. It shields your cabinets from dirt-covered hands.

No matter how clean you keep your house or your hands, cabinets will get dirty if you open and close them regularly. Cabinet hardware may help decrease the amount of grime, oil, and sticky fingerprints left on freshly painted knobs or pulls, particularly if your cabinets are white like the ones shown. This will save you time cleaning the entire cabinet.


However, There are also disadvantage to owning cabinet hardware. They are not really disadvantage rather other alternatives to owning the traditional handles and knobs.

Modern homes now have concealed handles that will not shun the visual appearance of the cabinet. Some designs of knobs and pulls completely hide the beauty of the cabinets, this is why some people prefer to not own any cabinet hardware.