Cabinet hardware should be designed to endure a lifetime! I buy cabinet hardware in the hopes that it would last a lifetime.  Visual aesthetic is also another requirement. I want my cabinet hardware to still look as good as the day I put it on my cabinet. I always prioritize durability and quality over anything else.

You constantly choose high-quality cabinet hardware, but they eventually lose their color and become loose. When cabinet hardware deteriorates prematurely, we frequently blame the manufacturer. We allege they sold us low-quality products. In truth, numerous factors may and should contribute to premature aging, none of which can or should be blamed on cabinet hardware retailers.

There are several reasons why you may need to replace your cabinet hardware. You may discover that you are to blame for a couple of them!

Poor maintenance of cabinet hardware

When was the last time you truly cleaned your cabinet hardware? Some individuals clean their cabinets but neglect to clean the cabinet hardware. This is a serious error that must be rectified immediately. Your cabinet hardware will begin to change color over time. It all starts with a small amount of liquid being spilled, and suddenly, what was once a lovely brass finish becomes an unrecognizable finish.

Knobs and pulls on kitchen cabinets are more likely to deteriorate early because they are more likely to become dirty. Cleaning cabinet hardware is not difficult. All you need is a damp washcloth to work the magic.

Scratches on cabinet hardware are another reason why it will age prematurely. It begins with a single scratch and develops to several scratches. Pulls and knobs aren’t very good at hiding scratches. Scratches cannot be hidden by nickle, satin, or other silver-like finishes. Matte black cabinet hardware finishes are also ineffective at concealing scratches.

As a result, it is regarded important to refinish your cabinet hardware on a regular basis.

Poor installation

A cabinet hardware installation template

You may discover that your cabinet pulls or knobs are slipping out within a few days or weeks after you install them. It is caused by insufficient installation expertise or procedures. Cabinet hardware that has loose screws malfunctions. It is not acceptable to own faulty cabinet hardware.
Other instances, poor placement is to blame for a defect. Every knob and lever should have its measurements determined out. The center to center and screw spacing must be correct. If you have any problems with installation, please contact a professional. They are the experts and will assist you. Refer to the cabinet hardware installation template for the proper procedures as well.

Exposure to unsuitable setting

Cabinet hardware is purely made of metal. If you didn’t know now you know! Metal will rust if exposed to unfavorable circumstances. However not all of them are prone to rusting. Make sure that wherever you place your cabinets, they will not be exposed to dangerous environmental circumstance that will make them rust. Place setting is an important issue for pulls and knobs. Aluminium cabinet hardware handles do not rust. Conduct your own study to determine which metal materials are will withstand for a long time.